a little sister is born | cleveland, ohio newborn and sibling photography

Newborn photography is slowly evolving from very posed pictures of the baby to a more natural approach of rather capturing the new family and their new sweet addition. I met this wonderful family from Cleveland Heights back in early November. As a mom of two kids myself, I know capturing photos of our family together is nearly impossible. Therefore I realize hiring a photographer is almost a must! Of course I have higher expectations as well. I really love the way newborn photography has moved away from photos with babies in baskets, decorated with bows and ribbons that almost always look silly and unnatural and even more silly on the walls of your home. Capturing families in a natural setting which more than likely the setting is their home, is so much more beautiful and meaningful! Everyone is more comfortable and relaxed. In return the photos looks pure and raw, full of authentic love between a family and their precious newborn daughter or son. Capturing newborn sibling pictures becomes so much easier and more fun for everyone! I can guarantee you, I will capture many sweet moments between all of you even when life seems crazy and hectic! That's the beauty of it anyways! 

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Agnes Szlapka Studios is based in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Agnes Szlapka is a fine art and lifestyle photographer capturing artistic and emotionally moving photographs. Specializing in family photography, maternity photography, kids photography and lifestyle newborn photography