three happy kids + parents | cleveland, ohio family photographer

Another fantastic family photography session at The Cleveland Museum of Art! There is so much fun and silly in this family it was hard to pick out my favorite pictures from this gallery. We had a gorgeous April Sunday. As you can see in the photographs, they are full of golden sunshine and beautiful backlit images. 

Something happens to us when we see images of our own families. If we don't shed a tear, we surely well up inside with happiness and pride. Our kids, our parents, grandparents and down the family tree line, is what makes our lives meaningful and our hearts full. Family photo sessions in my opinion are just as important, if not more, than wedding photographs. They are real, intimate and so, so, so abundant with love!! No image is too candid, too silly or too unplanned. In fact, those might be the ones you will treasure the most down the road. It brings me so much joy to offer these memorable photographs to families! :) 

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