Lifestyle Newborn Photography

When a baby is born, everything changes. The world you knew is now different and full of new emotions. Let me get closer to you during this very special time and forever document these precious moments. Every lifestyle newborn session with me is stress free and without stiff posing or props which in my opinion takes away from the newborn baby stage and what is most important. True feelings, connection and love is what I strive to capture. In the comfort of your home where you and your baby feel most relaxed. Don’t worry if the nursery is not finished or if your house isn’t spotless. I always focus on people and not the backdrop and many times a plain wall will result in the most beautiful image. A typical newborn session lasts 1.5-2 hours with breaks for feeding, diaper changes and a little bit of mom talk :) I can’t wait to capture for you what I personally treasure the most as a mother.