Cleveland Heights In-Home Lifestyle Session | Northeast Ohio Photographer

This family is pretty awesome and so was this in-home lifestyle photo session. Not just because they are good friends of mine but because they took a leap, a risk and started a brand new adventure by moving to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Both of them work for the Cleveland Clinic and if some of you do not know, Abu Dhabi is also the home of a huge Cleveland Clinic luxury hospital. So they packed everything up and moved with their sweet two year old son. 

Before they left they wanted to catch a few more important memories. Cleveland Heights was their home for a couple short years but with big significance, they started a family here. We got lovely photographs on their porch and in their backyard which without a doubt hold many memories for them. Plus they all sported their awesome Cleveland gear! 

Remember guys, Cleveland is your home and we can not wait to have you back but in the meantime, have a great time and explore the world. It has so much to offer and wherever you will go, people will welcome you with open hearts because of your kind nature. Miss you! 

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