Family of Five with Newborn Baby Boy | Cleveland, OH Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family for the second time. This time as a family of five because they just welcomed their newest tiny addition-a baby boy! As a family photographer, I always try to capture the essence of the family. I want to photograph them the way they really are, with each other, the kids, the parents and everyone together. I don't want a stiff portrait with everyone standing up straight and looking at my lens. I want emotion, love and connection. If I succeed, I know my families (clients) will love the outcome because it will touch them, they will feel connected to the images. They may even tear up. That is my goal. 

This family is so cheerful. Look at them, they are full of smiles! I really hope to watch these adorable kids grow as I hopefully photograph them again next year! Thank you guys for choosing me as your family photographer! It is such an honor!