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Family photography is so important and my passion. It's not just about taking pretty pictures but about showing and preserving your story, your family memories, your love. Everyone is uniquely different and this is what makes us beautiful because we each have our OWN story.

Being photographed can feel a bit intimidating but don't worry, I have you covered. My number one goal is to capture YOU. So I want your kids to act silly and even "misbehave" a little. It's totally okay because that is you, the family you are right now. Do you have a favorite spot you like to hang out with the kids? Take me there and show me what it is you do. In fact, don't show me, just do what you do and I'll take the pictures. Yes, once in a while I will guide you and tell you where to stand but it will be so casual, you won't even notice the camera and sometimes you won't even notice me. Let's go to the park, to the playground, hang out at your house or backyard, or go have some delicious cupcakes in that neighborhood bakery! Whatever is meaningful to you, let's preserve it! 


Do you want to capture your family the way you really are, the way all of you love each other? 

Are you attracted to more candid, lifestyle and a bit of portraiture photography? 

Do you want to see how beautiful your family really is? Because let's face it, we hardly have time to step back and notice the incredible love, authenticity and connection. I will. 

I will preserve your love. Your story. Your family. The way you are now. 

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Agnes Szlapka Studios is based in Cleveland Height, Ohio. Agnes Szlapka is a fine art and lifestyle photographer capturing artistic and emotionally moving photographs. Specializing in family photography, maternity photography, kids photography and lifestyle newborn photography.