family of nine-cleveland museum of art | ohio family portrait photographer

This family photography session was absolutely fantastic! We met in the evening at Cleveland Museum of Art Wade Lagoon in the evening when the sun was just coming down giving us amazing light! Christina, one of the daughters of these lovely parents reached out to me when we still had snow outside and finally we met! Since there are seven siblings, it was a little hard getting everyone available at the same time but they did it and the results are beautiful! Everyone looked so good! The light pastel colors all the ladies were wearing looked so feminine and really enhanced their beauty. The guys dressed extremely well and all had big smiles and good humor to share which sometimes can be a little challenging for men during photo sessions. 

I have to mention these amazing parents. As a  parent myself, I know how challenging it can be to raise children but I only have two and will probably keep it at two. This family has seven children and from the short time I was able to spend with them, everyone was such a pleasure! This is a very kind and truly loving family! I don't have to go on about that because its all visible in the photos! 

It was such an honor to capture these memories for all of you! Thank you so much for choosing me as your family photographer!! Hope to do this again! :)