extended family portrait session in lyndhurst | cleveland, ohio lifestyle photographer

These two,  still very in love, can be extra proud of the family they created. I met this wonderful family in their Lyndhurst home a few weekends ago for a extended family photography session. Everyone is a little spread out all over the country, some still live here in Ohio, some in Illinois and some in Michigan. It's been a long time since everyone was TOGETHER. So, I agree that this session was a must! Plus the grandparents will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary soon and what a great idea it is to capture some beautiful memories. Everyone looked so good in their coordinating and thought out outfits. The photos look sharp and free of any distractions! I was so impressed with how great the grandmother looks. I'm not going to reveal how old she is, but lets just say she looks very good for her age! Also, if you feel discouraged and think this is too hard to do with your family-don't. This particular session took only 20 minutes and there are plenty of great photographs! 

It was such an honor to do this for all of you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me as your family photographer for such a special family event! 

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