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As I am well into being past the first month of my Project 365, I have to say this is way harder than I imagined! Although, I am very glad I've decided to take this on because I have learned so much already and I have some great images of my daughter. My main focus being capturing the "joy" God has given me. 

Here are some challenges I've encountered:

  • Staying on schedule!: - Of course this would be the hardest part but from day 1, I decided not every photograph will be portfolio worthy. To me it's about capturing the everyday of my daughters life.
  • Staying Organized: I quickly learned my regular photo organization technique was not working for this project. I quickly turned that around into a numbering/filing system that seems to work great. 
  • Bringing my camera almost everywhere: Luckily one of my purses was defective and still under warranty and I received a full exchange refund for a new purse. So, I got a nice big bag that fits all the toddler essentials, my few things and my big SLR Canon 6D and usually I just take my 50mm lens which is more compact than some others. 
  • Remembering to take a picture: There were a few days where I said "no way, not today" either because I was sick or tired from taking care of a sick toddler but so far I've stuck with it and every single day has been captured in some way. Remembering has become easier as the days go by because I realize more and more how precious and beautiful each day is full of memorable moments I wouldn't have remembered if it wasn't for my photos. 
  • Posting my photos everyday: Yeah, right! I knew from the beginning I would not post them every day. What I've been doing is looking back about once a week and posting them on my Facebook page. 

When this 365 Project over in December, I plan on making a small album of all the images. I think it will be a great keepsake for all of us. Hopefully this project will push me in more creative directions becoming more aware of interesting angles, focusing on the direction of light and capturing images that are full of real emotion instead of posed. I refuse to use the word "cheese" anymore! 

Here are some of my favorite images so far. If you are interested in following along on my journey click on my Facebook page for the full gallery. Thanks! 

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